Wobbler Smith D-Compact 45

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The Smith D-Compact combines 10 years of experience in fast sinking wobblers

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In 2003, Hitoshi Hiramoto created the sinking wobbler “D-Contact” as a new bait concept, 10 years later he developed the “D-Compact” wobbler.

Compact in this case does not mean small, but rather that it contains knowledge and gained during years of experience and trials. It is surprisingly easy to use and has great power to provoke predators.

Proper balance and well-thought-out design make it a wobbler with all the features of a lure ideal for twitching. Flat sides ensure attractive shimmering action of the lure, a narrow lip ensures proper staying in the current. The right shape makes the lure shimmer beautifully also during the fall. On the other hand, perfect balance is ensured by the inertia glide desired in this type of lures.

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