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Fishing4u.pl – online fishing store – top quality fishing equipment and accessories

The Fishing4u.pl online fishing store provides a wide selection of professional fishing equipment that guarantees successful fishing trips in all conditions. In the assortment we have products at attractive prices, with the help of which you will complete a full outfit. In our wide range of products you will find fishing equipment and accessories necessary for successful fishing from artificial lures, lines and clothing to rods, braided lines and hooks and weighted jig heads. We work with Asia’s top fishing tackle manufacturers, providing customers with first-class products and reliable quality. Regardless of your experience and skills, as well as your preferred method of fishing, you will undoubtedly find the right equipment for you among the available products.

Official distributor and representative of Japanese fishing brands – professional Asian fishing equipment

Fishing4u.pl is the official, authorized and exclusive distributor of Japanese brands Fish Arrow, Little Jack, Nories, Seaguar, Toray Lines and YGK yoz ami, as well as the sensational Korean brand Damiki. We also have our own brand, Tsuri, producing high-quality spinning rods. In addition, we are also a distributor of Japanese brands such as Decoy, which is a manufacturer of high-end offset hooks and other accessories, and Tict, a manufacturer of USB (ultra softmaterial baits) and quality fishing accessories.

A wide selection of quality fishing equipment – store for anglers

We offer a wide range of different types of artificial lures that are distinguished by innovative materials, realistic reproduction of the natural colors of fish and other animals, and thoughtful design and balance, which translates into movements that will encourage all fish present in the water to attack. Anglers are offered soft lures, spinners, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, cicadas or spinnerbaits.

In addition, at Fishing4u.pl you will find reliable fluorocarbon fishing lines and mono fishing lines, which are versatile and very durable. You will also equip yourself with braided fishing lines from us – a type of fishing lines made of intertwined microfibers, which are more durable, although less flexible than classic single fishing lines. They work well in dynamic spinning when catching large predators, such as pike and perch, where a quick and strong hook is important. Braided line with the same cross-section as monofilament can withstand significantly more weight, making it very suitable for using heavier sets and feeding them over longer distances.

For anglers, we have also prepared the necessary armament – professional offset hooks and jig heads that connect the armament to the load.

The assortment is selected based on the knowledge and experience of fishing enthusiasts – our team selects only the best products from respected brands that have been supplying anglers for years.

Fishing equipment – fishing store

Fishing enthusiasts are offered indispensable Tsuri rods, designed in Poland in front of experienced anglers taking into account local waters and fish. Tsuritrout and perch rods are armed with top-notch components – titanium guides, EVA foam and SKKS handle, which guarantee sensitivity, lightness, comfort and excellent casting characteristics during fishing.

We also offer products that increase comfort during fishing trips, all kinds of accessories that allow you to transport and secure your equipment, and durable fishing clothing that will facilitate hours of fishing.

We invite you to explore the full range of the store, where you can purchase your dream equipment, brought in specifically to give you the best possible fishing experience.

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